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Support the Press


The press is run by a few volunteers who provide their time and labour to managing its business, and we are always looking for more help. We are looking for volunteers specifically for help with:

  • Writing grant applications
  • Marketing & publicizing new releases & events
  • Managing social media platforms & the website
  • Organizing events including launches & fundraisers
  • Managing & filing financial reports (Chartered Professional Accountants only)

Many hands make for lighter work!

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Every donation made to End of the Line Press goes toward funding book projects, never administrative costs. Click on donations to learn more.

Donations of up to $200 receive a note of gratitude in our quarterly newsletter:

︎$50              ︎$100

︎$150             ︎$200

Donations between $200 & $500 receive a complimentary annual subscription including a copy of each book published within the year:

︎$250             ︎$500

Donations of $1000 receive a specialized note of sponsorship & expression of gratitude printed inside the book it helps to fund:


We are a registered non-profit organization with Corporations Canada & the Province of Ontario. We are currently in application to become a registered charity & qualified donnee with the Government of Canada; as such, we cannot issue official donation receipts at this time.

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