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OUR STORE    ABOUT     SUBMISSIONS     SUPPORT US    ︎ View Cart            

Our Board of Advisors is composed of volunteers who receive no compensation. Only published artists, their editors, & designers receive financial compensation for their labour.

Registered with Corporations Canada & the Province of Ontario.


Make a gift of up to $200 and receive acknowledgement in our list of supporters.

︎$50               ︎$100

︎$150              ︎$200

Gifts of $250 to $500 also receive a complimentary copy of each book we publish.

︎$250              ︎$500

Gifts of $1000 also receive a note of sponsorship printed inside a book the donation helped to fund.

As a registered non-profit organization, we rely on public & private support like grants & donations.

All income revenues, including donations, enable us to create more books, to support more artists, & to get those books to readers.